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Art Zapedzki

Het werk van Herwig Nulens is een continuüm van aanvullende en overlappende projecten, displacements en reacties op de actualiteit.

Eenkele kenmerken zijn : doorlopende projecten, recycling en mysterieuse gezelschappen.

Een thematisch overzicht | A thematic overview :

Thin white lines of innocence


" The thin white lines of innocence" is an everlasting artproject that started after studying some simple drawings of house-related and daily life items, made by children.

These childmade drawings, were so innocent and real, so fragile and strong. The were just black lines on white paper and had an individual story to tell.

Every painting looks simple and honest, but has an inherent logical system: no rules but mine.


The black lines were symbolic transformed to white lines. While white is the symbol of innocence.

The white paper was exchanged for a green canvas. Green is the colour of hope / home.

Graves & graveyards


" The Fellowship ...

The Compagnonship of the almost forgotten knowledge


" The Compagnons of .... ...

Art defen(c)(s)e - don't fence me in.


" This project ....

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