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Herwig Nulens

Het werk van Herwig Nulens is een continuüm van aanvullende en overlappende projecten, displacements en reacties op de actualiteit.

Enkele kenmerken zijn : doorlopende projecten, recycling en mysterieuse gezelschappen.

Een thematisch overzicht | A thematic overview :

Thin white lines of innocence


" The thin white lines of innocence" is an everlasting artproject that started after studying some simple drawings of house-related and daily life items, made by children.

These childmade drawings, were so innocent and real, so fragile and strong. The were just black lines on white paper and had an individual story to tell.

Every painting looks simple and honest, but has an inherent logical system: no rules but mine.


The black lines were symbolic transformed to white lines. While white is the symbol of innocence.

The white paper was exchanged for a green canvas. Green is the colour of hope / home.

The Fellowship of the Battle of the Bottle


" The Fellowship ...

The Compagnonship of the almost forgotten knowledge


" The Compagnons of .... ...

Art defen(c)(s)e - don't fence me in.


Art should break down all borders and all boundaries in search of it's own way to keep society awake. Art can not be incapsulated, fenced in nor limited : not by law, not by censorship, nor by concepts - critical analysis remains necessary.

In the same time, art has to stand up for the vulnarable, the fragile and small things that are threatened to be lost or to get run over in the economical, religious or socio-cultural struggle for power.

“Art defen(s)(c)e” disguises as a secret society that acts on different pathways.

The banner of this secret society shows us mushrooms or fungi, meaning art is as a network of fungi : the mycelium as art, the pop-up mushrooms as eyecatcher. 

Ode to Candide 


" This project ....

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